Gifing a Voice to Hemophilia
We send over 10 billion GIFs to each other every day. Yet virtually, none of those GIFs portray people with hemophilia in a positive light. Through collaboration with actual people with hemophilia and their caregivers, we created a wide range of new hemophilia GIFs that are honest, supportive, and uplifting.
Blood drop breaking out of barriers and floating in zen like peace

The Wall

Let's break down these barriers together!

Blood drop dressed as a super hero - Hemo Mom Power

Hemo Mom #1

It takes a real superhero to be a


Blood drop dressed as a super hero - No Fear Hemo Mom is Here!

Hemo Mom #2

Hemo moms can tackle just about anything.

Swelling elbow
Swelling knee

Down, But Not Out

Resilience is key—never accept defeat.

Two smiling blood droplets ontop of each other

Blood Bros

Bros with hemophilia bonding together.

Two smiling blood droplets with bows ontop of each other

Blood Sisters

Sisters with hemophilia bonding together.

Two smiling blood droplets highfiving

Blood Besties

Everyone needs a best friend—it's even better when it's a blood bestie.

Smiling blood droplet dancing

Can't Clot, Won't Clot #1

Introducing, our blood-drop mascot—seen here rocking out!

Smiling blood droplet ontop of a bandaid

Can't Clot, Won't Clot #2

Facing the challenges of hemophilia with positivity.

Smiling blood droplet jumping

Can't Clot, Won't Clot #3

Smiling through the difficulty of living with hemophilia

Two smiling blood droplets hold signs

Can't Clot, Won't Clot #4

Perfect for parents and kids.


Smiling blood droplet dancing on a bandaid with a boombox

Breakin' Down Hemo Style

Don't let hemophilia stop you from tearing up the dance floor.

Blood drop dressed as a super hero - Never Fear Hemo Dad is Here!

Hemo Dad #1

We couldn't forget about the heroic


Blood drop dressed as a super hero - It's Time for Super Hemo Hero Dad

Hemo Dad #2

No one can stop


Butterfly needle being replaced with an airplane

Have Factor: Will Travel

Who says that, with hemophilia, you can't be ready for your vacation?

Blood drop wearing a cape and jumping

Hemo Hero #1

Every person with hemophilia is a hero.


Father open his shirt to reveal a superhero shirt underneath with a blood drop on it

Hemo Hero #2

Move over, Superman. There's a new hero in town.

Smiling blood droplet wearing medieval armor fighting a dragon

Hemo Hero #3

#HemoHeroSlayz can do anything—even slay a dragon.

Smiling blood droplet flexing biceps

Welcome to the Hemo Show

People with hemophilia: Show off your strength!

Two smiling blood droplets hugging each other

Hemo Hug

Sometimes, you just need a hug ☺️

Blood droplet wearing a headband and kicking a soccer ball in circles

Hemo Soccer

Our blood-drop is ready to score a


Butterfly needle transforming into a smiling blood drop with a shield and then transforming into a butterfly

Spread Your Wings

Anyone with hemophilia can soar like a butterfly.

Smiling blood droplet rotating and transforming into a heart


Where would we be without those who love and support us?

About the Creation of the GIFs

By the hemophilia community, FOR the hemophilia community

This GIF series would not be possible without the efforts of our contributors. We worked with a diverse group of people of all ages with hemophilia as well as caregivers, and they helped us conceive these ideas. We thank and credit these individuals for their participation, creativity, and hard work.

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